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psbaj9y7 Postι : 23/07/2013 10:12

To enjoy these drink at its best, it is important to drink the coffee as soon after it is made as possible, definitely within 2 minutes. If you intend to blend it to make espresso drinks, you need to do so within 10 seconds of pulling the espresso.
If the water is too hot, the espresso will be too bitter. If it is too cold, it will be too sour. As you can see, making espresso drinks is a very exacting job, and care must be taken to do it right. The people trained to do this are called baristas (which is Italian for barman).
The espresso is made up of 3 different parts, the heart, body and the crema, which is the delicate,air jordan pas cher, creamy foam that naturally forms on the top of the drink. The crema is a sign of good espresso, and care should be taken to ensure it is preserved. To do this, some people use pre warmed shot glasses, which prevents heat loss.
As the water blasts through the coffee, it extracts the flavor, oils, sugars and proteins and dissolves them. This results is a very potent mixture that has a very strong, yet rich and subtle flavor. It also has all the caffeine of a large cup of filter coffee,hollister france, giving it a strong kick.
Given this strong popularity for these espresso drinks,Karen Millen, it’s surprising that many people don’t actually know what an espresso is. For anyone who has never had an espresso,hogan outlet, the first taste can be quite shocking. An espresso is very concentrated, and comes in a very small cup. However, it packs a large punch and the flavor can take some getting used to. (In other words, your first impression might be that you just swallowed something vile. But don’t worry, it gets better with experience.)

Selecting the blend is important when making espresso drinks,louboutin, as it is for any kind of coffee drinks. The factors to concentrate on are sweetness, aromatics and smoothness.
Espresso is made by forcing very hot (not boiling) water through finely ground coffee. The coffee is ground more finely than filter coffee, but is not as finely ground as Turkish coffee, which is more like a fine powder.
Article Author: Malcolm_Blake
This is because the flavor packed volatile molecules in the drink rapidly degrade, both through contact with oxygen and as the heat leaves the drink.
How to make the best espresso drinks could fill books,louboutin, as there are many factors to balance. This is why coffee shops spend so much time training their staff. When you find a place that serves excellent espresso, recognize that this is not just a happy accident, and recognize the skill and care that goes into making this most demanding drink.
Espresso coffee is more popular today than it has ever been at any time in its history, perhaps thanks to the marketing power of coffee giants such as Starbucks. Many of the most popular drinks that we consume everyday are made using espresso,louboutin, rather than the more traditional filter or drip coffee. Drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and machiatos.
There is no such thing as an “espresso roast” – you can make good espresso from light or dark roast beans. A very dark roast is a bad idea, as it can lead to a burnt,louboutin, charcoal taste. The only important thing is that the coffee is ground to the correct grade,Abercrombie Pas Cher, and that the beans are freshly roast.
九月 23,hollister france, 2006 12:00 上午

Also, the type of grinder used is important. The best choice is a conical burr grinder. This will produce a consistent grind (the particles will all be the right size), and will also make sure that the coffee does not overheat as it is ground (this would spoil the aroma).
Originally,louboutin pas cher, espresso machines used steam pressure to force the water through. Today, a spring piston lever machine is used,hollister, which used a piston to generate the pressure and force the water through the coffee. It is important that the temperature does not go too high or low, as this will spoil the beverage. The ideal temperature is 85 to 95 degrees Celsius.
Malcolm Blake has written more information about gourmet coffee at Come and find out more about gourmet coffees.

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Amino acids

rlzqvkbcyc Postι : 23/07/2013 09:21

Until now on Ultimate Spider-Man Period 1 Episode 13 "Strange", When everyone in Los angeles City is caught in the mystical slumber, Spider-Man and Iron Fist search for the help of Medical professional. Strange, master of the mystic arts. In order to wake the town, Spider-Man and Iron Fist must face their own personal nightmares.
On this weeks Episode title "Awesome", Peter and Luke scramble to finish their Science Fair project when it isnt busy thwarting the attacks in the Juggernaut, but their science test backfires, making an even bigger threat.
"Ultimate Spider-Man" will be an unique journey exploring our favored web-slinger as he groups up with other supporter hollister france favorite hollister france Marvel Super Heroes throughout never before seen stories with a new life filled along with great challenges, new friends, intense action and identity growth. Ultimate Spider-Man will tell a coming of age story, where hapless Peter Parker evolves from a naive teen hotshot to somewhat of a true hero who pertains Karen Millen Sale to terms with his root base and abilities. As the storyline starts, Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for only 1 year. He has fought villains, saved lives, but still louboutin pas cher has much to find out about being a super-hero. Now, Nick Fury gives Peter the chance to visit to the next level to train in the form of real super-hero and become The final word Spider-Man. But before he can do that, Peter will have to how to work with a crew of fellow teenage super-heroes. Along the way, he will have for you to navigate challenging relationships having mentors and super-colleagues, and emerge with a more rewarding understanding of his parents musical legacy and his own destiny.
Ultimate Spider-Man is the American animated television series determined by the superhero Spider-Man comics, published hollister by Marvel Comics, including some elements of Marvels Ultimate distinct books. The series is composed by Brian Bendis (whom also writes the comic book series Ultimate Spider-Man), Paul Dini, and Man of Action (an organization consisting abercrombie of Steven Big t. Seagle, Joe Kelly, Joe Casey, and Duncan Rouleau).
Brian Michael Bendis and Paul Dini will be serving as writers and air jordan producers to the show. Man of Action (an organization consisting of Steven T. Seagle, Joe Kelly, Joe Casey, and Duncan Rouleau), the creators of the particular animated series Ben eight and Generator Rex, will be serving as supervising producers on the show. 26 episodes have been ordered to the first season. According to Paul Dini, this series will have a very "redefined" Peter Parker. He further stated that the series will have hollister Spider-Man guest-starring hollister with different characters and can be partially based on Bendis comics as the rest will be authentic abercrombie material, such as the root base of some heroes in addition to villains. Actor J. K. Simmons has confirmed that he can reprise his role as J. Jonah Jameson from Sam Raimis live-action Spider-Man film trilogy with the series. In an interview with all the Los Angeles Times, actor Adrian Pasdar confirmed that he would be voicing Iron Man within the series; the character was also voiced by him inside Madhouses and Marvels Iron bars Man anime. In an interview by using MTV, voice actor Kevin Jordan Richardson announced that he is voicing Robbie www.achbanker.com/home.php Robertson and an unnamed member from the Wrecking hollister france Crew in that series.

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lbys9k1u Postι : 23/07/2013 05:26


give you a timeline for all the procedures

office assistant free water.

and for larger configurations

toolbar creator Paperwork such as contracts, provides and records need to be kept in a dried out and secure place. Essential files on CDs as well as home videos that are almost always impossible to change must be preserved. A secure compartment can also be needed in keeping your family treasures and other cherished jewelleries to protect all of them against thievery, these hogan outlet points explain the necessity of installing a house safe. Apart from having fireplace alarms and burglar sensors, it is only practical to have your personal safe to protect your important belongings towards fire, flood or drinking water or theft.

Aside from arranging for an insurance plan, the use of combination safes continues to be to be the main option with regards to safeguarding all your important belongings towards all air jordan pas cher elements that could contribute to their damage. Combination safes incorporate mixture hair. To secure the secure door; the maker may use a Abercrombie Pas Cher combination locking mechanism that is opened by 1, two Hollister France or three combinations of number rules or even with a six-number mixture code; these codes act as the important thing towards the lock.

With no proper number combination, the actual safe doorway will stay sealed and shut. The actual secrets upon key-entry hair may be easily copied. With regards to mixture safes, protection will only be compromised when the owner gives to others the combination associated with number rules to the lock. The actual locking mechanism of a combination safe is durable sufficient to resist forced entry. While its locking systems include a complex number of systems including wheels and gears, it considerably cuts down on the likelihood that a skilled or expert burglar will crack louboutin the safe, however, the appearance of mixture hogan safes are never ideal. Certain cases of theft have experienced home safes opened through complete other people, probably an expert "safe cracker".

But because of the growth and development of much more dependable and much more intricate combination hair, mixture safes have grown to be virtually not possible to crack. The arrival of computer systems offers revolutionised the way combination abercrombie safes run. These days, we have seen electronic mixture hollister france safes that include advanced devices and other features which were created to provide 99% protection towards thievery. In this manner, you only need to press the amount mixture to the keyboard hollister that's positioned in the www.gatorcaterer.com exterior safe doorway panel.

Karen Millen Most of the treasured possessions are not avoidable. Whilst they are just materials issues, they might mean the world to us. It is only practical to possess all of them guaranteed by a combination secure. As the most dependable type of house safe design, mixture safes still guide its louboutin pas cher own league when it comes to ease of use and complete protection.

xnvbj52sfv Postι : 23/07/2013 04:22

Hong Kong abercrombie Daily News: Why not write flag

noon on July 28, at 1 point and a half, after 35 days, 2000 km journey, he finally arrived in Guangzhou, but agreed to take his girlfriend did not appear. It turned out that her parents are also the day traveling from his hometown in Hunan rushed to Guangzhou to meet in order to stop them. He called her the most is her parents over, said to have introduced her boyfriend, good condition, Hunan local. Then she sent a text message,
Hong Kong Daily News: That is how later air jordan changed to ride a bike?

Hong Kong Daily News: fail now, regret it?
since July 3, he began to live microblogging Friends called him Users But he felt that to marry is a thing of two people on specific marriage proposal, he will have to confidentiality with friends, to give his girlfriend a surprise. Along the way there have also been friends call to remind him to pay attention to safety, give him a refueling. As well as friends to tell him how to discuss the future wife's mother's favor. The Hunan users also designed car to bring him water and melons. Some give a dispassionate analysis of users kind of behavior is hard not to be considered speculation.

over a month ago, my girlfriend on the phone with him to open a joke, began to prepare luggage. When he was ready to put into action, she strongly opposed. But he mulberry outlet was in the June 24 behind her back and set foot on the journey, until a week later to tell her. She was very surprised, and advised him to hurry to stop this crazy move, but he still love to move on.

month of hard riding to marry him to fail

Liu Pei Wen: because of her sentence. I knew she was joking, but she has also repeatedly advised me to go back. I have almost 30, in order to love, value.
LIU Pei-Wen 29-year-old, Puyang, graduated from the Sichuan School of Arts, outdoor activities moderator. He also ran the 2045 bit-part player, played the bodyguard in the movie More than a year ago, he has to do activities in Guangzhou, understanding girlfriend there. She was a little kid www.dmvtabs.com temper, selling tickets at the train station and later opened a clothing store.
Hong Kong Daily News: It was the child after you?

in July 25: These two days how so hot ah! Die! / P> in July 27: I hope his girlfriend will come, fate. Tomorrow at noon to bless.
nine days, to Luohe, he really walk, his legs almost masticate, even sitting in the street howl. Struggling for a long time, he bought a bike and decided to ride. Subsequently, the microblogging did not adhere to the foot of the reasons explained to the users, and a sincere apology. After the way he is going and riding a period of forward fifty or sixty kilometers a day. To Hunan, physical serious overdraft in order to supplement their diets with the most direct way, he should drink 6 raw eggs. Even so, along the way, he still rejected the good-hearted people of the ride.
Liu Pei Wen: it is not hold a In order to abercrombie as early a little bit to see her, I can only
midway changed Cycling, users are mixed, some support,

welcome to comment I want louboutin pas cher to

LIU Pei feet warm
, abercrombie france Henan guy foam
friends said to marry Emperor

Liu Pei Wen: to go before what it feels like not gone before know what a challenge. Regardless of the difficulties encountered later, I will not back down.

Hong Kong Daily News: Why, she was turned off? Would also like to say something to her?
July 22: Honey, you, and now I am really disturbed. In any case, the end of the process say. The summer wind, newspaper brass. Guangzhou to meet you, love you back another back.

are derived in Guangzhou, the girlfriend of a joke, if you from home to come to Guangzhou, I will marry you. bring homemade red flag, write , and finally louboutin pas cher the destination of July 28 to reach 2000 km. Unexpectedly, the girlfriend's parents to let them meet, she sent an apology text messages, cell phones are turned off. The whole process in the microblogging live, he was a lot of friends known as the

7 21

users to send blessings also issued a challenge

Liu Pei Wen: We get along has been very harmonious. I go down this road, in fact, she was very moved. The final result is not her intention, or her parents are not satisfied with it. I hope this child is not bothering her and her family. I wish her happiness.

Liu Pei Wen: regret not to mention, at least I strive for. However, it is despair, air jordan but I will hollister not dwell on.
Hong Kong Daily News Connection
Liu Pei Wen: Write

microblogging Recommended | hot microblogging today

July air jordan pas cher 12: the road met the uncle selling watermelons, and generously gave me a watermelon.

July 23: hungry, but abercrombie france little could not eat.

: I have stood in the Hunan and Guangdong border line from the end is getting closer, can be a little worried. We all know that discuss the wife's mother favor?
July 15: Arrival in Changsha, went to the thing touched me too much, there are a lot of friends to phone calls.
Liu Pei Wen backpack 20 kilos of chips in a homemade red flag that read: the help of the compass, a day at high temperatures three to four kilometers on foot, but also at any time using the camera to shoot road signs. He drink more than 20 bottles of mineral water every day, hungry to just buy something to eat, and live in a small roadside hotel.

Tanabata day, Henan small group of children LIU Pei Wen (microblogging) made a microblogging - the Tanabata you and who too? Yes, love.

reporter linked to Liu Pei Wen, his mood is not too bad, seriously
Hotels, tomorrow can be estimated through the Red Cliff.
Hong Kong Daily News: Some users have questioned you hype?
Liu Pei Wen: I do the thing they want, how people like me can not. But still would like to thank the support of my friends, I wish you all a happy love.


hollister france15 days at 9 o'clock am


xwqgg67x Postι : 22/07/2013 05:14

Make Your Own Electric Guitar
,louboutin The idea of this article on making your own electric guitar is to give you a real,air jordan, practical idea of the magnitude of the job and the skills, tools and raw materials needed to make your own electric guitar. The original electric guitar was a railway sleeper with strings. The designer,abercrombie milano, Les Paul, finally marketed his invention with a guitar shape because he felt that was what people expected of an electric guitar,hollister, not because any particular shape was really necessary to make music. One thing you need to get straight on now is you will not save money by making your own guitar. If you want a cheap electric guitar, there's one with your name on it at your nearest music store.
So if you fancy yourself as a designer, you could try making an electric guitar to your own specifications but you will need certain materials to work with. The first thing you will need is a love of working with wood. The second is an arsenal of power tools like drills,Karen Millen Outlet, routers, saws, and fiddly bits of hardware. Your environment is also crucial. You will need a workspace which is not too hot or cold or wet or dry!
When you design your home made electric guitar,louboutin, you will need to know how long your neck is going to be and how far apart your frets will be. You will also have a choice of the basic shape of the head of your guitar - the part that holds the tuning pegs.
You probably already know that a pickup near the neck gives a deeper sound than a pickup close to the bridge. The placement and configuration of the pickups on an electric guitar is a science in itself.
Solid body electric guitars are usually made from maple, ash, mahogany, alder,Hollister France, basswood or nut because they possess proven sound qualities for guitar manufacturing. You will need to buy your wood from a sawmill in lengths rather larger than needed for guitar making, and you will need to cut the wood down to size before making your guitar. You will also need hardware like machine heads, pick guards, fret wire, bridge and whammy bar mechanism. You will also need hardware if you use a bolt-on neck.
For the electronic parts of your electric guitar,louboutin, you will need pickups - single coil or humbucker,air jordan pas cher, shielding to cut down hum and associated knobs,www.dmvtabs.com, nuts and grommets.
The first job in making your own electric guitar is making a template of your instrument from plywood. The template is your exact pattern for your finished guitar, and needs to be crafted with care. If you find yourself cutting corners at this stage you may as well stop this project and continue with the home brewing you started two winters ago.
To finish off this short essay, I should mention that there exists another solution for people wanting to make their own electric guitar - the electric guitar kit. As an example,hogan outlet, the Yamaha EG-112PF Electric Guitar Kit contains: EGP112 Electric Guitar 2 Single coil pickups 1 Humbucking pickup Vintage vibrato system 5 position pickup switch Tremolo bar Master Volume and Master Tone controls Maple neck Chrome closed tuning hardware Bolt-on neck construction Rosewood fingerboard Basswood body No coil split Scale length: 25-1/2" (648 mm) Nut width: 1-5/8" (41mm) Radius: 13-3/4 (350 mm) Frets: 22 Color: Black with white pick guard Guitar cable included GA10 Amplifier 7 watts of power 5" speaker Volume, Tone Bass, Distortion / Clean controls Headphone jack Dimensions: 10.4" (w) x 10.0" (h) x 6.4" (d) Complete Starter Kit Electronic tuner — YT120 Special Yamaha gig bag Extra set of strings Picks Strap with Yamaha logo String winder Capo Guitar method book. I found it on Amazon while looking through 1,abercrombie,320,000 results for a Google search on "electric guitar kits"! Best of luck!

you need to take action to achieve your goal. When you download guitar lessons

The Quest For Perfect Guitar Tone

What about the electric guitar

bnmg18kn Postι : 22/07/2013 04:28

abercrombie for yourself.
四月 25, 2006 12:00 上午
On thing that a debtor can do, this is especially true if they have no income or assets, is to do Hollister France nothing. Yes that is right nothing, if you have no assets or income that can hollister be garnished bankruptcy would not benefit you in any way, your financial situation would not change as a result. It is likely that without anything of high value, credits would not attempt to take any court action against you because there would be nothing they could collect.

Debt consolidation is another bankruptcy alternative that many could consider, by consolidating your debts into one low monthly payment you could easily reduce the amount of your debt, get the creditors hollister off your back and avoid bankruptcy.
Jeff Lakie is a contributing author at our website where
You can get a free hollister france

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Article Author: Jeff_Lakie
There are many steps you can take in efforts to improve your credit, eliminate your debt, and avoid bankruptcy. Which should be the ultimate goal of all people, while bankruptcy is an excellent method of helping you clear up your debt, it should only be used as a last resort. Bankruptcy Karen Millen remains on your credit for louboutin pas cher up to ten years and it could result in the inability to retain any other type of credit until it has been removed or several years has passed.
Another step you could take is to undergo credit counseling, you would learn how to manage your money to reduce the debt. You could create a budget that contains your monthly income and expenses, thus reducing expenses. By doing this, any extra money you have could go towards reducing the debt you owe to creditors.
You could also begin negotiation with your creditors, most of them realize that hogan bankruptcy is a viable option for those who have more debt than they can handle. For louboutin this reason, most will be willing to take what they can get rather than get nothing if www.achbanker.com/home.php the debtor files bankruptcy. This option requires that the debtor has income or assets that can be used in efforts to raise money to apply towards the debt you owe. Additionally, this can louboutin pas cher allow you to rebuild your credit instead of applying a negative bankruptcy on it.
Finally, another option of avoiding bankruptcy is to make a formal proposal directly to your creditors. This proposal or also knows as a deal, will allow you to create a payment plan. It is all dependent upon what area of the world you live in and the laws hollister surrounding the area of debt compromise.


psbaj9y7 Postι : 20/07/2013 09:02

If you are a homeowner,hollister, you can easily obtain a low rate car loan. You can offer your house as collateral. This increases the lenders confidence in your repayment ability and he will charge a low rate of interest. In case of a default, the lender may repossess your house and recover his money.
The author is a business writer specializing in finance and credit products and has written authoritative articles on the finance industry,louboutin. He has done his masters in Business Administration and is currently assisting Ecar-loans as a finance specialist,hollister.
Article Author: V,louboutin pas cher._Jain
二月 23,louboutin pas cher, 2006 12:00 上午

For more information please visit ==>
A down payment can help you pay less interest on a car loan. If you pay a down payment, your debt obligation will be small and consequently,air jordan, your interest obligation will also be small. Another way to reduce your interest burden is to give your old car in exchange of the new one.
If you have a good credit history, you should bargain over the interest rate and try to take the maximum advantage of this situation. If you have unpaid credit card bills or unpaid loan balance,Karen Millen Outlet, the lender may charge a high rate of interest from you. Therefore,www.gatorcaterer.com, before applying for a car loan,hogan outlet, you must pay up all your unpaid bills and loans. This will help you obtain a loan at a low rate of interest.
Buying things on credit has become a norm nowadays. The total amount of outstanding debt in the UK has reached ₤1,148. 83% of this is in the form of mortgages and 4.9% is in the form of credit card debt. More and more people are taking out loans. A loan can solve a number of purposes. It can help you buy a house, carry out home improvement, finance your childs education, pay for a holiday trip, etc.

You can also use a loan to buy a car. Getting a car loan is not a problem. The problem is its interest payment. If the rate of interest is too high,air jordan pas cher, it becomes difficult to keep up with loan repayments. If you default or miss out at repayments,louboutin, your credit score gets adversely affected. In case of a default,Karen Millen, the lender may even repossess your car. To avoid such a situation, you should look out for a low rate car loan.

s sleep apnea.

in order to be as real as possible-they mostly are made to resemble a cigarette or a cigar. Yet another common design is that of a pen

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ssfj2z5s Postι : 20/07/2013 05:50

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Here is one of them - �Stock Market Wizards of Aus�
Most probable we all know this quote: Knowledge is power. The Old Stock Market Wizard of Aus is the real wisdom and power Karen Millen Outlet of 8 knowledgeable traders who weren't afraid to expose the truth about how to slash losses and develop a beneficial portfolio. What we are talking hollister france here about is the years of experience of especially doing well traders and businessmen eager to please our desire for success. We can call this a golden chance to gain hollister knowledge how to make profitable trades and investments, to settle harmony in our minds for the long run.
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Organizations are looking to internal auditing departments to add value, improve cost controls, and hollister france solve problems. Internal Audit air jordan pas cher discusses how Internal Audit's role can be enhanced to reduce costs
Internal audits help companies to meet customers' expectations with greater consistency.  It is profit that drive's hollister return on investment. Managers should be profit professionals and experts; internal audit empowers employee confidence by reducing their supervision and by enabling a quality behavior in performing www.achbanker.com/home.php their work. The internal auditors provide reliable picture of company's processes and results to top management.
Such as financial systems may be considered by the external auditor as a short cut to verifying all the figures in the accounts to complete the audit process but the internal auditors will also cover these system as part of the audit plan,
The internal audit function is an activity –is important that means it is a define services
Although not of necessity located with the organization, The services role should read to a define benefit to the organization and improve the operation also identifies one or more weakness when expressing an adverse opinion to a weakness, the management try to control the miss cost, that will be improve the organization revenue Abercrombie Pas Cher which improve operating efficiency and reduce the workload.

In most business conversations only moments pass before some reference is made to improving profits. Profit improvement is the main goal of business internal auditors capable to provide actual hollister information, suggest & effective plan supportively for organization profit improvement
So what exactly is the increase that internal abercrombie france auditor can provide in an organizations? , absolutely an organization reducing cost, enhancing revenue & improving profits.
Conclusion : the complete identification mulberry of risk is the most important part of abercrombie france risk –based internal auditing as well as being vital to the proper operation of any organizations,
Above I have discussed about the internal auditor performance for organization improvement through cost savings , revenue ,enhancement and cash flow realize risk management and efficiency benefits in the process that ideally cover all the organizations activities,
In the past internal audit had a reputation for evaluate controls, specifically designed to reduce the risk of fraud, recently the auditor evaluates the same controls during the audit of internal control over financial reporting as control in a financial statement audit,
The object of an internal audit of financial statement is enable to express an opinion as to the fairness of presentation in all material respects of an organization entity financial position ,So that result of operations and cash flow ,revenue, profits will  increase
An internal audit examines a variety aspects of the way in which an organization operates. Internal audit function is hollister france typically seen by financial executives as a best practice, internal auditing provides an independent and objective opinion to an organization management air jordan pas cher as to whether its risk are being manage to acceptable levels,

The internal audit reinforces the discipline, liberates employees working in the audited areas and enables their involvement in the continual improvement process.
Overall risk management arrangements are the main preoccupation of the internal auditor, who is concerned with those entire controls fundamental to the achievement of organization at object,
So the internal audit is a real and effective measurement of all processes of quality management system. Is an accurate picture of company's strengths, weakness and results, Audit decisions are based on audits finding, on louboutin operations results and on audit evidences


louboutin Federal Grant Programs For Native Americ

air jordan pas cher The concept of experiential learning

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'm simply deaf ears, a fat man grabbed my hair, two young people twisted my arms and his hands were tied on his back and dragged down the stairs and I cried all the way to the Stone Forest, my glasses, slippers also lost this process I have been brutalizing, humiliating, I cried. "Later ,ray ban pas cher, Han Yuehua learned that his mother came from Beijing, informed himself forcibly sent to psychiatric hospital for treatment. "Guangzhou Psychiatric Hospital, no detailed understanding of my physical and spiritual life of society, but never listen to live with me in my mother Jia Huijun made a statement on the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, and tied my hands and feet and other ways to compulsory treatment 64 days of my medical records wrote: gibberish, saying I was hurt two years, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. "Since then, she has twice been forcibly sent to a mental hospital, the hospital spent a total of long 668 days. Disaster from indisputable leader with extensive business copyright dispute Forced by her mother to send a mental hospital, why wide business involved in lawsuits Court yesterday, Han Yuehua speak out what was going on. She said her mother was sent to a mental hospital behind the couple with their extensive business conflicts. According to the indictment, in 2004, Han Yuehua Stone and her husband because of work, "badge speech" of copyright and authorship issues with leaders of the school when he was in contradiction, "badge speech" was written by Stone, they insist Han Yuehua enjoy copyright for authors , but allows school leaders to sign in because the school has caused discontent. November 2005, Stone and Han Yuehua colleagues fighting broke dispute after the incident, Han Yuehua was administrative warning, Stone Forest in administrative detention for ten days. They decided not to accept this deal, and then also carried out administrative reconsideration, litigation and to the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the prosecution accused the judiciary. The indictment alleges that by the end of 2005, she enrolled in the Master of Sun Yat-sen university teachers job, have passed the written examination and interview, but can not go by the block read. Meanwhile, her mother Jia Huijun also continue to intimidate and Shilin her divorce. "In fear and I Shilin divorce, but a very good relationship and still live together, and look forward again after remarry." Want to remarry again with her husband, is forced psychiatric hospital in Guangzhou City, 64 days after receiving compulsory treatment, 2008 On March 13, 2009, she was transferred to a psychiatric hospital in Guangzhou City, Village School District, has been forced to continue treatment up to 252 days. "March 17, 2008, my mother go to Guangzhou Jia Huijun notary office of the legal guardian certificate, became my guardian, bank account deposits and other personal and exclusive items are also owned by the mother domination. November 20, 2008, when I made no contact with her ex-husband's commitment to the Stone Forest, the Office of the discharge procedures. "May 2, 2009, Han Yuehua secretly met with the Stone Forest, Decision 6 of 月 8 日 (星期一) remarry. Then lend collective account card from the security office to prepare for handling remarried registered. She said that after being informed that his mother Jia Huijun, once again forced to send her charge hospitalized. "June 4, 2009 afternoon, I sat at the computer at home, my mother opened the door, behind the strange man to follow up a stout, stout man think that twisted my arm, I said I complained your results my second is forced off into a psychiatric hospital in Guangzhou Branch Village Area 15 detained. "A month later,toms outlet, July 7, 2009, Han Yuehua arrived by train with his mother Xingtai, a station, it was there waiting Sixth People's Hospital of Hebei Province car pull to Baoding, lived until May 21 this year,mulberry outlet, subsequently lived in Xingtai sister home. Mother custody notary is withdrawn couple finally reunited July 31, 2010, Han Yuehua borrowed 1600 yuan in Guangzhou by plane to flee to reunite with Stone, September 8 notary office to review the application of Guangzhou, Guangzhou notary in September 25, 2010 shall make a decision to revoke the original will be his mother as guardian of the public notary certificate void ab initio. Recently, they got his wish came to Guangzhou civil affairs departments registered remarry. "I have repeatedly asked my mother, why should I have a mental hospital, this is causing me, who talk to you, my mother refused to answer either, or importune say something, or that your salvation. "" Dr. Du Jue right just beyond the jurisdiction of legislation ",hogan outlet," Mental Health Law "has not yet been introduced, admitted to a mental hospital chaos aroused widespread concern, as to how to prevent" Family framed "question, there is the hospital that the hospital after all, not justice authorities, unable to suspected patients or patient's guardian to make moral judgments, from the root to prevent this phenomenon, the key need for national introduction of the Mental Health Act or local laws to be eliminated. Guangdong Provincial Institute of Mental Health JIA Fu-jun is considered by doctors to determine whether the mandatory referral hospital are still loopholes. Because, doctors generally do not take the initiative to admit, in addition to the doctor did not determine who is in a conflict of interest, who says the truth, Who lies of professional competence. He suggested that the reference to West China Hospital Mental Health Center approach identified in the mental health review committee was set up, review of physicians determined by the Commission, so as to avoid improper diagnosis or for other purposes was sent to lead normal "madhouse." This year released "Chinese psychiatric institution admitted legal analysis report", the lawyer Huang Xuetao that discretion, involuntary admissions are the basic principles of mental health legislation, is one of the world's widely practiced psychiatric patient visits and hospital admissions manner. However, in the current line regulation admitted, the "patient or close relatives or guardians' consent way, the guardians or close relatives consent is equivalent to the consent. Participation "China admitted to psychiatric institution Legal analysis" of Southeast University Law School professor, Health Law Institute Zhang Zan Ning also said that at present there are two normal mental force admitted that the patient should be admitted rejected because there is no money to treat the door, should not be treated individuals but was forced treatment. Everyone can be a victim, and did not face competition from psychiatric patients admitted to the dual threats. "If the medical criteria substitute for legal standards, the doctor can go beyond the jurisdiction of the right at any time to determine a person without legal capacity, it is very dangerous to master this vague standard psychiatric medical doctors can easily negate the autonomy of citizens, will hinder civil rights laws provide for the physical security and procedural safeguards. "Huangxue Tao said. Prosecution: claims 100,000 yuan for mental damages after almost two years of exceptional experiences, Han Yuehua paper petition Guangzhou and Guangdong University of psychiatric court, while the mother Jia Huijun as a third person. Han Yuehua attorney Liao Jianxun that Guangdong College of Commerce in order to prevent the exercise of their right to appeal and prosecution by law the right combination of her mother Jia Huijun forced to send their charges Guangzhou Psychiatric Hospital, Guangzhou Psychiatric Hospital, which did not fully understand the living conditions of the plaintiff's social without the court finds that the plaintiff forensic and civil capacity to limit the case to the plaintiff paranoid schizophrenia compulsory drug detention and forced up to 348 days old, caused the plaintiff's physical condition otherwise healthy normal lesions. Due to the defendant's common violations, resulting in a mental hospital she suffered inhuman torture, physical and psychological ravaged human freedom and dignity have been seriously compromised, and will affect the plaintiff in the future path in life. Requests the Court in people-oriented spirit, decree two defendants apologize for eliminating the effects of rehabilitation and compensation for 100,000 yuan for mental damages. Mother: cursed son "mischief" trial, the most dramatic scene is Han Yuehua's mother, 68-year-old lady was full of energy, both in the comments when you stand up stand up straight, unashamedly. The judge asked her, Why do you think my daughter has mental illness She replied, starting in 2006, Han Yuehua three years did not return home, each call to speak to her feeling is not normal, she always said it was vital. She does not worry, you come to Guangzhou to find her daughter, but she will not let her live and Shilin, listen to the neighbors, said Han Yuehua spirit is not normal, so he found a psychiatric hospital, admitted. "She said she was not sick, I said she was sick, I want to apply for my daughter to do to identify, I was good for her." Speaking of time, this lady actually cried out. And her son was on the Stone Forest is hated to see it in the trial, repeatedly scolded Shilin is "bastard", "mischief", "do not make money by her daughter to eat and drink" in the middle of an adjournment, the lady more is to be in the hallway right Shilin hands, this also alerted the bailiff to maintain order. The face of their mentally ill mother's insistence, Han Yuehua said, "to see mother, I have mixed feelings, or can not give up on her family, feeling performance in court, she was very funny. Wonder also can improve and her relationship, I do not want to sue her. "mental hospital: not" force "is not illegal in court,mulberry outlet, the Guangzhou City mental hospital that patients admitted to the hospital in accordance with legal procedures, and without any problems. "Mental hospital in the treatment process, a lot of checks, the conclusion is the real objective, your knowledge and understanding of the medical aspects of the human body is a complex etiology is complex, this is a very objective,gucci outlet, And our conclusion diagnosed with Sixth Hospital of Hebei Province is consistent. "the hospital said the plaintiffs' lawyers in medicine in their own understanding and knowledge to evaluate highly specialized psychiatric hospitals, there is no basis in fact and law. Medical records on the treatment of the plaintiff was not detained for up to 64 days compulsory medical and illegal medical, agents use the "mandatory" and "illegal" no legal basis. The hospital said that the plaintiff's admissions and treated,lunettes ray ban, are in line with current treatment admissions standards and norms, there is no infringement of the plaintiff. Guangdong University of Business: Schools throughout the plaintiff did not participate just imagined Guangdong College of Commerce, said that the matter was not involved in the school, from which no retaliation. Guangdong University believes that Han Yuehua concept of "badge speech" issues,mulberry, and there was no evidence relevant to the case. According to a document provided by the Stone Forest, Guangdong University of Business Supervision Department has been given on the second thing Han Yuehua reply, saying that "in accordance with the instructions of school leadership, and for your questions reflected in the survey. Material reflects your badge with a speech intended to Shilin and send the principal leaders of the school, said the school principal leaders of extortion, as demanded authorship and retaliation. was learned so far from April 2004, the school badge never discussed speech problem, not yet discovered that someone has published or used badge speech. "Guangdong University also said that the allegedly infringing lack of factual premise, because the two psychiatric hospitals in Guangzhou and Hebei have jointly made the same diagnosis. Defendant agents say two facts, first said the school appointment, work, and administrative sanctions have given retaliation on these both irrelevant to the case, but also inconsistent with the facts. Secondly,louboutin, Han Yuehua called mother know "illness" is to find out from the school, in fact just the opposite is the school from her mother knew the condition, it can be seen that the plaintiff said retaliation is guesswork. "Said schools and hospitals contributory infringement, contributory infringement, but did not indicate where the performance, from all the evidence currently available materials, and today's court statements, and the complaint are not and can not specify the Guangdong University of infringement where the performance No! Overall, the plaintiff suffering from mental illness in need of treatment, Guangdong College of Commerce does not have any involvement in acts! "Lawyer: Only commit a criminal offense to" compulsory medical "Han Yuehua attorney Liao Jianxun that" Legislation Law "expressly provides that restrictions on citizens to take compulsory measures of personal liberty only by laws passed by the NPC and its Standing Committee to develop. According to this legislation, only the "Criminal Law" provides for the mentally ill "compulsory medical", ie citizens breach of "criminal" and the identification of non-criminal judicial capacity, by the government compulsory medical. If without clear legal authority and legal procedures, any unit or individual can not be deprived of his liberty. Liao Jianxun questioned Guangzhou City mental hospital, "her behavior, she does not affect people who do not harm society, the need for compulsory treatment Mody. Streets so many" crazy arms "Why not compulsory treatment Why such a normal person, do so long time compulsory treatment ye what purpose was motivated Or are there other purposes we require two defendants apology and compensation for 100,000 yuan. "News Links Guangzhou two" strong delivery "case drew national attention" by psychiatric "case repeatedly occurred only in the past two years, Guangzhou spate of "Zou Yijun mental hospital by her mother to send strong" and "millionaires were forced to send his wife a mental hospital," the focus of two cases also led to the need for psychiatric patients hospitalized controversy judicial proceedings . The legal profession that vague psychiatric medical standards alone can not arbitrarily limit the freedom of others, the introduction of relevant legislation has become essential. Zou Yi were forcibly sent to hospital after 27-year-old nun Guangdong Women Zou Yi are mother, brother forcibly sent to a mental hospital. After discharge, Zou Yijun, the hospital, mother, brother sued the court. January 2009,louboutin, Baiyun District Court accepted Zou Yijun v. Guangzhou Baiyun mental hospital, Huan Han Hsiu mother, brother Zou Jianxiong damages for infringement dispute case. At that time Zou Yijun has become a nun,hollister, Buddhist fruit. Zou Yijun said that in September 2006, its life and property due to a dispute with their families sanctions, mother, brother to the grave in the name of the plaintiff lured to Shenzhen Baoshan cemetery,hollister outlet, in conjunction with the defendant Guangzhou Baiyun mental hospital staff with handcuffs, injection of anesthesia drugs and other ways to forcibly abducted her to Guangzhou Baiyun mental hospital, and then the mother, brother and Guangzhou Baiyun mental hospital signed a "Consent admitted commissioned" to her as mentally ill and forced its taking psychiatric drugs, lasted five days. Zou Yijun that Guangzhou Baiyun mental hospital without any diagnosis and factual basis of the premise put her as mentally ill treated, violated her personal rights and reputations of rights, so to Baiyun district courts, which currently play of wide public concern cases withdrawal due to the plaintiff and concluded. Millionaires by his wife asylum Fuhao Jinrong December 21, 2005 by his wife and children forcibly sent to Guangzhou Brain Hospital treatment has caused huge waves, He sued the hospital since 2006, after an appeal to the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court and then by Court to remand the clear facts on the grounds after hearing again in March this year. Court, the judge read out the Chinese Society of Forensic Sciences Forensic Center expert opinions on Jinrong: 1. Plaintiff normal mental status, which at December 21, 2005 when the defendant admitted to hospital and no severe mental illness; 2. Defendant admitted no violation of the plaintiff's medical and health management laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules and regulations, but there is a certain behavior in the treatment of fault. Finally court mediation. He Jinrong side said: To the hospital admitted its behavior is wrong, the parties constitutes an injury, an apology; On this basis, we can consider compensation costs do not have to 1,000,000 yuan. Brain Hospital defense lawyers immediately rejected, that "persons can be killed can not be humiliated."

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