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modw4zh5 Postι : 01/08/2013 04:47

Yesterday, Zhang remains in hospital has not yet out of danger. Currently, the police involved in investigating the matter.
Zhang said the families, now Sally is still in semi-conscious state, and other stable or identified through video.
Beijing News News (Reporter Shen Zhimin) Last night, Chinese Academy of Sciences doctoral Sally cycling from the laboratory to the dorm, retrograde way through Paul Temple Bridge when the electric car ride (or motorcycle) men collided. They altercation, the other a knife to Sally stabbed and left the scene.
Zhangs family,moncler outlet, said yesterday from 1:00 to 7:00, Zhang pushed the operating room for as long as six hours of surgery. Because excessive bleeding, disposable blood transfusion has reached thousands of milliliters, the doctor said next may need a blood transfusion.
Students love to return retrograde apartment building
At noon yesterday, Paul Temple Bridge Zhongguancun East Road on the eastern side of the bike lane, still left large areas of dark red blood.
Said Li Ke, Zhang also told the police on the police,abercrombie et fitch, wounding more than 30 years, Beijing local accent. Is an electric car or motorcycle, he has lost count.
Students received calls
10:30 Xu,doudoune moncler, Li Ke rushed Paul Temple Bridge,moncler, he (Zhang) lying on the ground, face pain, constantly twitching, I touched his body cold, left leg thigh stop bloodshed.
At first I thought he was joking with me, really did not expect a knife and stabbed. Zhang Li Ke classmate recalled,moncler outlet, he and Zhang Qian Riwan doing experiments in the lab, Zhang left the lab around 10 dormitory. 10:25 or so,moncler, done experiments to prepare dormitory Li Ke Zhang received a phone, Li Ke, you come, I was a knife and stabbed, Come.
Yesterday, he was lying in a hospital bed inconvenience Haidian speak bedside yellow large plastic bag filled with a bunch of change down the clots of blood, gauze, etc. Left leg thigh bandaged with thick gauze,moncler outlet, gauze was red with blood, a catheter wound oozing blood draining into a plastic bottle.
Reporter observed, a number of students cycling to return the apartment are bike paths along the eastern side of Zhongguancun East retrograde.
Haidian Police said Qian Riwan 22 am, police received a PUC 110 cloth Haidian police, Paul Temple Bridge in Haidian District, a man was stabbed,herve leger dress, police rushed to the scene and the victim was stabbed promptly sent to hospital for treatment. Currently,moncler outlet, police are further investigation.
10 meters away from the blood on the corner of a road that leads to the CAS student dormitory Young apartment. Zhang and other doctoral multiple laboratories Paul Temple Bridge northbound area, away from the apartments over 500 meters.
Monitoring shows that the road vehicle
Reporters saw, from Paul Temple near the bridge back to the apartment building, if the bike path along the west side of Zhongguancun East Road,doudoune moncler, anterograde, need to ride about 400 meters, then turned back to the road east and then back to about 200 meters in order to reach the apartment . The entire round trip than the retrograde 500 meters long. (Original title: Chinese Academy of Sciences Dr. late travelers on the road was stabbed)
Li Ke said at the time switchblade already escaped, he quickly police. Rushed to the police to Zhang rushed to the Haidian Hospital. Go way to the hospital, half-awake state Zhang told the police, wounding man riding a black electric cars (or motorcycles), and cycling Zhang collision. Sally asked each other how to ride so fast, the two sides altercation, the other party before a punch coming, destroyed Sallys glasses. After each took a knife to Zhang thigh stabbed to go, and then left the scene.
Family relayed the doctors, Sallys femoral artery rupture, has not yet passed the critical stage, need to observe a week or so, because of excessive bleeding, the need to prevent possible shock.
Blood loss has not yet out of danger
Retrograde knife stabbed after crash
■ visit
Yesterday, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and students rushed to the hospital to visit more than Zhang. Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology person teaches Commissioner said the incident institute leadership, teachers and students very seriously, has been with the hospital coordination to make full treatment.
A retrograde students said, lab relatively close from the apartment, often choose to bike or walk, because apartments in the east, if you ride a bike, retrograde can be shortened several hundred meters away.
Many students said Zhang, from the site of the incident to see, Sally is on the way back to the dorm from the laboratory, Zhongguancun East Road along the east side of bike lanes from north to south retrograde,moncler, around the corner from the apartment about 10 meters of bike lanes,moncler, traveling from south to north and electric vehicle (or motorcycle) collided.
Zhang, 24, was admitted to the CAS Shuoboliandu 2010,hogan sparpe, is now a Technical Institute of Physics Organic Chemistry Doctoral students.
Yesterday,moncler, the family contact police investigators, police said police transferred out of the surveillance video, you can see the road vehicles and pedestrians, but no scene monitoring,herve leger, Sally, etc. will allow other ways to trace witnesses identified the suspects.

the seller said he was going to eat

女子车站广场被劫持 五乘客合力救下人质_新闻中心_新浪网

jebyr36q Postι : 01/08/2013 04:39

Chan learned that her husband do not want to go home, and quickly tried to defuse his anger, and agreed after failing to communicate,herve leger dress, can not no longer home.
Metropolis Daily News (reporter Pang positive) yesterday, the face has been silent husband Liu,doudoune moncler, Chan active long talk with him, made clear he would not go home.
Students finished dinner,christian louboutin, we all went home, Mr. Liu has angrily off the phone, walking aimlessly in the street. In the meantime,abercrombie et fitch, Ms. Chen repeated cell phone,hogan, send text messages are not contact him,louboutin, do not know what happened. Until the early hours,doudoune moncler, the temperature getting lower and lower,doudoune moncler, Mr. Liu was back home.
Last night,hogan sparpe, Ms. Chen to work overtime,doudoune moncler, Mr. Liu,hogan outlet, Mr. Zhang classmate home alone to attend dinner. Two sides laughing, Mr. Zhangs girlfriend Miss Fang has deftly made eight dishes and one soup on the table. Students seated Doukua Miss Fang made meals delicious. Meal,moncler, Miss Fang and quickly clean up the dishes, wiping the table and brought out just chopped fruit. Students chatted together happily, but my mind was botch Liu. He felt that Miss Fang so that it be regarded as a good wife. And his wife Ms. Chen is always busy with work and what not to do housework,moncler, home to the guests, cooking,moncler, washing dishes is a big man he was all-inclusive,moncler, they want to mind the more depressed.

dropped out from his rural home to Guangzhou

not what they said

talk or drink. Hu uncle made with heart

kclmkp75 Postι : 01/08/2013 04:36

Euler anxious shouted: Ye Feng,hogan outlet, quick save me save me ~!
Then, also let go, dragging Euler,hogan, a twisting,hogan, walked up the limelight.
Three hundred and thirtieth chapters flat put out the most anger the gods
Many years later, when people talk about this day and age, they would say: This is an era of chaos, which is a order of times, it was bloody era. It is full of killings era ......
× × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × ×
At this point,hogan sparpe, I do not know what has become of Euler and Xiernuoda agreement, he has been put down. Easily face looked not far from the fire. Next to Xi Erna hands tuck, sitting on the grass, long hair fluttering wind, the sky,herve leger, leaving a perfect silhouette.
Euler reluctantly nodded. Sigh: it can only be a dead horse a living horse medicine.
After listening to his sounds miserable, everyone looked at each other not help.
A Fuluo see his eyes were red with anger the way, are not turned his head,hogan sparpe, earnestly look to the Yefeng. Whispered: I know this child deduction from Antonias hand crevices money to,moncler, it is not easy and you can not think of a way you?
Crowd quickly went up a small hill next to.
Ye Feng said: Duke of adults, youre in copying someone else. This is the Trojan prince Paris died of stab in the back under the despicable hero Achilles lines ~!
Euler scared desperately struggling Wawataijiao: Help,abercrombie et fitch, help ah. Yefeng ~!
He angrily stomping, whispered fiercely scolded: really deserve ~! Make you greedy. Now lose it all up. Happy now? Happy now ~ ~!
He more gas, could not help shouting up at the same time, to vent their anger usually with hands casually whip whip grass of the earth.
Euler Xing looked to exuberant fire, he suddenly thought of something, turned his head nervously to Ye Feng asked: The competition for the fire, no more than complete. Then who the hell is won? My money can not come back?
Yefeng also worried, quickly directed the congregation guards, followed behind the Xi Erna. Bypassing the fires path, walked up the limelight.
Yefeng for a comfortable posture,doudoune moncler, looking Euler,moncler outlet, no conscience, he said: What kind of blow this point? Said that in order to cultivate childrens growth,hogan outlet, there was a great man but also his own hands-old grandson sent a wall and then give away the ladder. (like the Rockefeller story.)
Euler bow thought for a moment, murmured: Hell, it seems I did not count on the money ~!
Winds through the fire, dropped a place in peoples mess with the help of the debris, and gradually spread over. Even after a dozens of Zhang Yuan, can feel that the oncoming heat wave rolling.
A Fuluo headache rubbed his temples and sighed, and said: She no major problems. Just like especially like some lovely things and do not reach the goal, dogged all day and made chicken Shining tribe flying dog jumping, I think Shining clan elders is probably the only excuse to catch her out.
Euler was the dancers who Yefeng see Le quickly to breathe, it is pitiful eyes looked also soft-hearted lion. He sighed and said: Miss Sheena,abercrombie et fitch, you wait a while playing okay? Fire has burned up fast, and if we do not act, we had to change the pork.
But in the end, they will say that this is the era of heroes, this is our time,karen millen dress, my time is yours, is the era of the Sith.
Yefeng help Yizheng. He hesitated authentic: Im not sure,moncler, but on this issue, because it involves too much, I think we should be specific instances, specific analysis,moncler, right?
Yefeng look to the A Fuluo, and whispered: She is not there anything wrong ah?
Yefeng fingered wound, a wry smile, comforted and said: This is not necessarily. Wants to think of a way back to us.
Xi Erna looked back, disdain: This is a little small fire calculate what? We see the fire in the forest than this most of.
Yefeng dawned nod. The Shining original dancers really, as he expected,christian louboutin, not only the queen tendencies,moncler outlet, or a positive control too.
席尔瓦娜斯 is hesitation, she a nice draw step around the past, and then, like a doll like hold his hand and Euler hold in his arms,herve leger dress, but could not help rubbing Euler little pink face, and cried: Youre so cute. Oh Oh ......
Euler looked fire burning,herve leger dress, suddenly asked: The competition for the fire, no more than complete. Then who the hell is won? Still can not have my money back?
Then, his mouth a bared,moncler, revealing a small white eye teeth.

«ribelle è quello di decapitare

ma ascoltando i molto bestiame ×


iamy4sc8 Postι : 01/08/2013 04:15

Allarme della polizia,abercrombie, le indagini bloccato rapidamente il sospetto. 30 sera,karen millen dress, il nulla di sospetto nel modo in un cyber cafe Lianming &egrave; stato arrestato sul posto e sequestrato in suo possesso il Xu vittima davvero cellulare.
XU Zhen ricambio finale fino a un ponte vicino. Vedendo nessuno in giro,herve leger, dedicare un grande passo Kuashang Qu,moncler outlet, aspetto sinistro: Il denaro non ha Xu davvero fermato stordito per un attimo ha risposto: Non ho i soldi. Pezzi di un Xu tirato davvero vestiti che sar&agrave; esclam&ograve; Xu ponte a nord della cintura verde a trascinare. Sul ponte, la capacit&agrave; di riserva per coprire la bocca e Xu davvero premere verso il basso sul terreno. Lotta tra il ponte orme udite,doudoune moncler, la paura di ricambio, poi tir&ograve; fuori il suo coltello da tasca e colpisce verso Xu veramente chi. Poke dopo aver completato questa donna non si muove,hogan, ho cominciato a girare i suoi vestiti nella tasca del cappotto capovolto un telefono cellulare e 200 dollari,moncler, pezzi di seguito confessato. Spare derubare si arrende dopo il ferimento, e ladulterio ragazza morente,abercrombie et fitch, scappare nel fiume dopo che la ragazza,moncler outlet, poi casualmente in un internet caf&eacute; e fino a quando la polizia lo ha arrestato.
Rapina violenta
Secondo risparmiare conto,abercrombie, il 29 marzo alle 02:00,doudoune moncler, &egrave; venuto fuori da Qixin una sala giochi, pronti a trovare un caff&egrave; durante la notte. Scoperto attraverso alone Xu notturno vero crocevia. Penso che il suo corpo poco pi&ugrave; di 100 dollari, non abbastanza da spendere per lidea di avviare un arraffa-soldi.
Pi&ugrave; tardi inchiesta ha nulla a Shanghai il 20 marzo,moncler outlet, 25 marzo,hogan, &egrave; stato nella primavera del Road vicino Ming strada di collegamento per afferrare una donna di 200 yuan,hogan sparpe, e la vittima dirottato a unimplementazione stanza vuota osceni; 26 marzo era in Shen Yun Kun Lu Hong Road,hogan, una stazione degli autobus in attesa derubato una donna dopo che la vittima &egrave; stato accoltellato e ferito gravemente rivolta,moncler outlet, ha rubato 300 yuan; Dopo tre giorni dopo,hogan outlet, ha rapinato una donna in Caobao borsa uno. (Caratteri di testo non sono il suo vero nome)
Dieci giorni quattro criminale condannato

il suo cuore era contento.

Lagente caso

vi sono descritti come segue

fiaw3d9y Postι : 01/08/2013 04:04

Visit: go to dinner with a $ 100
Can not with you? For over one hundred chanting, but also with how much ah! Many merchants case said.
Dafangshen in Dehui City, the town government hospital, the reporter again asking things move and Industry Branch, a staff member said: You are looking for office space,hogan outlet, or to follow the ceremony? Office location outside the police station in the town that, if the gift- , right next door.
Deputy mayor: Non-affiliation not handle
Moreover, these businesses with a $ 100 ceremony did not go to dinner. Able to eat, but also can not take two hundred ah, we have nothing to exchange, duty management,hogan, not with the bad, got over one hundred. One man said the owner.
Soon, Dehui City Administration for Industry and Commerce Bureau Director Li identity ward telephone call to reporters. Mr Lee said that there is no Branch Trade and Industry dinner Merchant accepting gifts of things,karen millen dress, nor Yang, deputy director of this person. His understanding of the situation is: an industrial and commercial colleagues move, so dinner a few friends and relatives in the town.
You here,christian louboutin, too many people, the environment in general. Industry Bureau pendulum is I do not? The reporter asked.
Yesterday 11:30 Xu, reporters rushed to the Dehui City Dafangshen town government is now located. Since this reporters identity with the ceremony, the existence of the merchants are asking businesses and Industry Branch housewarming dinner thing. Many businesses are not directly explained to reporters, but with a nod, wink,doudoune moncler, Nuzui etc. to reporters indicate direction.
Mr Lee said that, if you find someone to move in the name of Trade and Industry Branch gifts of gold, will be dealt with severely.
Yes ah, that is, the Trade and Industry Bureau,abercrombie, moving,doudoune moncler, please town people to eat. The waiter replied.
WASHINGTON (Reporter Wen straight) 11 am yesterday, Dehui City,christian louboutin, a town called holiness Dafangshen Habitat restaurant, the many businesses was invited to dinner, the paradox is that as much as two dinner identity kind of argument.
When asked if there Branch Trade and Industry in order to move things by accepting business gifts, the town government will be processed when Zhaixiu Jun said, because not affiliation,doudoune moncler, its no management functions can only be processed by the higher authorities.
Report: Industry Branch move treat
Verification: Merchant wink, Nuzui when prompted
Subsequently, the reporter went to Dehui City Administration for Industry and Commerce Bureau of the new identity ward office location, and Dafangshen town police station in a building, the door hung Industry Branch and the police station were two brands, it was introduced in the Trade and Industry Branch moved in two weeks ago.
We have to move and Industry Branch, informing street where all the businesses are going to a restaurant for dinner. Was out and told you have to get ritual we do business people have to go tube,hogan, did not dare to go, ah, it must have more than 50 households . Yesterday morning,hogan outlet, residents of the town of Dehui City Dafangshen Ms. Lee to the newspaper. She said that the caller is Yang,doudoune moncler, deputy director of Trade and Industry Branch.
Staff: their move entertain family and friends
Reporter then went to the town government ranks of the restaurant next door called holiness, this place has a lot of parked vehicles. Reporter to eat behalf, into holiness ranking restaurants, through a corridor and Houchu after a wall in the lobby hi word, put a total of eight tables, several waiters are clearing the table. But there are a few tables in the eating.
The reporter then one by one on the towns businesses were visited.
New Office: Industry Branch moved two weeks ago
Thereafter, the Trade and Industry Branch staff Lv Wenming telephone call to reporters. He said the move was his dinner run, relatives and friends are invited. Then he said: We certainly offend people,moncler, and have people reported.
Secretary for Commerce and Industry Branch: Staff fete
Reporter then found Dafangshen Dehui City deputy mayor of the town government duty Zhaixiu Jun,herve leger, he said that it would help contact Dehui City Administration Bureau Director Li ward identity.
Feast this house also, this is not just withdraw it? Restaurant a middle-aged waitress introduction.
Visited, there are no individual merchants with the ceremony, but because there is no notified. I did not tell our family, we have no follow. One female owner said.
Field: hotels that are set seats and Industry Branch
Since the township merged Dafangshen now the seat of government moved to the town of the original Poplar Township, other functions,karen millen, also has moved to the position of the original Poplar Township, Dehui City Administration for Industry and Commerce Bureau of relocation ward identity, is one of them .


游客不愿买香烟遭辱骂续 骂人导游道歉被指作秀_新闻中

lddfh0z5 Postι : 01/08/2013 03:37

Journal Tonghua Nouvelles (Reporter Yan Shuo) meurtrier attrapé,christian louboutin!
Ryu palourdes de vente pris la fuite 38 jours,abercrombie et fitch, la police meihekou dans quatre provinces et 20 comtés (ville) arrestation, à 22h00 le 27 Août,abercrombie, la police à leur retour à la maison le lendemain et lont arrêté. Compte Ryu, la cause de lassassiner était en train de jouer mahjong journée précédente en raison de deux places a eu une altercation.
À 22:00, le 27 Août, Liu retourné à la maison seulement deux jours, je veux fuir à nouveau,doudoune moncler, le personnel du groupe de travail ériger, la dernière en son frère Yimin grange du village et lont arrêté.
19 juillet 15 h, Henan marché Meihekoushi assassiner eu lieu,hogan sparpe, un homme avec un couteau pour retirer la vente des palourdes palourdes,moncler, un homme de 50 ans,hogan outlet, avec une altercation,herve leger dress, poignardé dans la rue lautre cause de décès crucial.
Après lincident, la police a mis en place un groupe de travail meihekou, gorgée Zhiyong Meihekoushi Bureau de sécurité publique, commissaire politique de la JU Yan, Zhang Qiang, directeur adjoint conduit les enquêteurs dépêchés sur les lieux. Après enquête, le défunt Sohn, de sexe masculin, 50 ans,moncler, les résidents du Henan rue.
Jétais à la maison pour prendre largent!, A déclaré Ryu, voudrait prendre ce retour à 5000 dollars restent, je ne mattendais pas ou arrêtés.
La police dépêchés sur les lieux, Liu a fui. Police seront inscrits comme des fugitifs en ligne.
Comme les sièges ennemis de Mayu
Actuellement, Liu a XingJu, laffaire pour complément de procédure.
Nouvelles lecture
Journée de lincident,hogan sparpe, Sohn Ryu a rencontré sur le marché du Henan,abercrombie, Sohn approché théorie, ils ratent lautre,moncler outlet, dabord combattu,moncler outlet, puis fait sauter. Ryu En colère, il a fallu creuser les palourdes couteau pour couper Sohn percé soixante-sept couteaux. Après lincident,doudoune moncler, Liu a vu plus de voitures de police commencent à apparaître sur la scène, sest rendu compte que les choses ne sont pas la fuite.
»Est le siège de la raison! Selon le compte, 40 ans, Liu seul, normalement aiment jouer petit mahjong solitude, Liu souvent avec le défunt Sohn jeu de mahjong. Quelques jours avant lincident,moncler, deux personnes jouant mahjong,hogan outlet, car les places querelle, quoique convaincu par les autres à ouvrir, mais Ryu a une rancune.
Assassin sest enfui a été arrêté 38 jours
Interpol chef Lu Wei a conduit les membres de la force de travail se sont précipités à Tianjin,louboutin, Chengdu, Qingdao et dautres villes, mais Ryu est très rusé, chaque fois que dans une ville pendant quelques jours. Police dans les quatre provinces et 20 comtés (ville), parcourent plus de 4000 km poursuite, mais il sest échappé.
La police a interrogé plus de 120 personnes, selon les indices fournis par les masses, et déterminent finalement le marché du Henan à vendre lun des principaux palourdes Ryu suspects.




lddfh0z5 Postι : 01/08/2013 03:35

Parce que la CDC provincial a publié deux rapports complètement opposées des conclusions de confirmation,moncler outlet, récemment, la CDC von judiciaires Zhanqiang provincial.
Anticorps VIH 2006 a été positive, mais a été négative en 2008, où le problème est-il? Centre provincial de contrôle des maladies indique les possibilités suivantes: échantillons Feng Zhanqiang sérum à erreur didentité, les échantillons étaient contaminés,louboutin, la médecine nest pas connu pour causer le maintenant anticorps anti-VIH du positif au négatif. Mais peu importe les circonstances ci-dessus, on ne peut pas prouver que la CDC provincial est en faute. Provincial CDC répondant a dit que le travail est inspecté spécimens confirmé anticorps conclusion positive du VIH est correcte ou non pour juger,moncler outlet, plutôt que directement avec l Léchantillonnage des contacts; rapport de confirmation est seul responsable de sang de la censure et des échantillons de sang ont été recueillis par le VIH diagnostic,abercrombie et fitch, le dépistage, re-examen, le diagnostic, le réseau a signalé quun certain nombre dorganismes impliqués dans tout le processus.
Feng, qui vit à Xian Lianhu District Xian Zhanqiang 2006,christian louboutin, lorsque les détenus du camp de travail pour avoir du sang,christian louboutin, a été diagnostiquée à tort comme le sida.
Depuis processus erreurs de diagnostic implique un certain nombre dorganismes,herve leger dress, le demandeur retrait prêt, il sera ré-engager des poursuites province,abercrombie, ville, district trois lutte contre la maladie.
Provincial CDC a fait valoir que sans faute
Feng Zhanqiang revendique près de 140.000 yuans
Février 2009, la CDC provincial démettre une forte matériel de guerre Feng, appelée «analyse Feng Zhanqiang premier échantillon de sang par une variété de réactifs, un certain nombre de dépistage des unités,hogan, la confirmation étaient situation positive,hogan outlet, je pense que ce centre déchantillons de sang contaminé La possibilité de condamnations injustifiées. A cet égard,herve leger dress, trois CDC de von Zhanqiang excuses.
Après avoir été diagnostiqués à tort comme le SIDA deux ans et demi,moncler, rapport FENG Zhan Xian publique émis par le boîtier de forçage - Centre provincial de Shaanxi pour la cour de contrôle des maladies. Hier,moncler, laffaire en Cour de district de Beilin.
Pourquoi retrait
Hier après-midi, Feng Zhan Qiang a déclaré aux journalistes,moncler outlet, sera ré-inculpé trois provinces CDC, faire dégager la responsabilité des erreurs de diagnostic. (Un journaliste stagiaire Liu Chih Lin Ning Yan Jun)
Pourquoi poursuivre
Hier matin,moncler, dans le procès, Feng Zhan Qiang a déclaré que lannée 2006 a été jugée vivant avec le VIH,doudoune moncler, la famille effrayée, entouré par beaucoup de gens le savent,doudoune moncler, méviter comme la peste. Il a exigé la réhabilitation, en éliminant les effets des excuses et une compensation pour les différentes pertes de près de 14 millions deuros.




enxpeb88 Postι : 01/08/2013 03:24

To solve the problem of the childs account, Mr. Zhang paragraph immediately find the gates of the police station the police for help. A few days later,louboutin, the police finally completed the collection and verification of materials shall be reported to higher authorities for approval. Yesterday morning,hogan sparpe, a small Xiang finally run the accounts.
Determine biological children he quickly helped La Hukou
Things have to talk about from the beginning of April this year, Zhang was busy being the home of a sudden the door came a burst of rapid knock. He opened the door and saw a little boy, dressed in dark uniforms. Zhang is still in doubt whether the child knocking on the wrong door,moncler outlet, the boy spoke.
Southeast Network - Strait Metropolis Daily News May 14 (Reporter correspondent Qiu Wu Zhen Lei) Fuzhou Zhang,hogan, 42 years old, not married,moncler, no girlfriend, but some time ago, a 13-year-old boy who suddenly find a home,doudoune moncler, to meet the first sentence is Daddy, hello. This sentence,moncler, you can put the older bachelor Ray to. However,hogan sparpe, after DNA testing, they really paternity.
See the boy really looked like and their own, taking a day later, Mr. Zhang took the boy to do a DNA test, the results show that they are indeed father and son. I did not expect to see in the drama only thing actually happened in my body. Know the truth,louboutin, Mr. Zhang Guolehaojiu calmed down.
Daddy, hello. Said the boy calmly face, see Zhang did not respond,herve leger, the boy went on to say: Dad! I am your son, I called the Little Cheung. Faced with this boy called his father,hogan, Mr. Zhang The first reaction is that children have the wrong person, then ready to close. But soon the door is closed, the door of the boy shouted a name toward Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang flew Zhengzhu.
Boy shouting Zhang ex-girlfriends name. The children told me that he is my ex-girlfriends child. Zhang said, he and his ex-girlfriend has been 10 years without contact, and heard the child say this, he was at a loss.
It turned out that 13 years ago,hogan, Mr. Zhang after breaking up with his girlfriend, never met, did not think girlfriends pregnant with his child, also born down, and named Little Cheung. Because it is the illegitimate child,moncler, the mother of a small Xiang Xiang has not been settled to help small. Seven years ago, Little Cheungs mother emigrated to Taiwan,abercrombie, a small Xiang will raise by the grandparents.
Father son suddenly came knocking Zhengzhu
Now, Little Cheung graduated from elementary school soon, because it is a black family, unable to obtain student status,hogan outlet, the future can not be on the junior high school participate in the examination. Taking into account the childs future grandparents found with a small Xiang Zhang.

also wounded her

education and training and other services

bkjpu0n6 Postι : 01/08/2013 03:18

Xinhua Shenyang September 8 (Reporter in force) Recently,herve leger, the network appeared on several play novelty online games,hogan outlet, these games use the give each other red, send gifts to each other and other ways to attract Internet users, Shenyang Police advise,karen millen dress, In these beautiful packaging,abercrombie et fitch, it is very likely hidden in the network marketing trap.
In fact, such games is through no lectures,moncler, no products to human transmission mode requires players to gifts red envelope as a condition to obtain qualifications to carry out marketing activities to join,moncler, more efficient and more dangerous. While the rules of the game marked: gaming platform does not receive a red envelope nor bribe,moncler outlet, but the interaction between members donate,moncler outlet, do not worry about the collapse of the volume of money to escape. But difficult to find two new players on-line gifts red envelope the name and bank card number,doudoune moncler, provided by the gaming platform,moncler, its true identity is the player or game settings are real to the enemy.
According to the police,hogan outlet, these games usually require players to the real name, phone, bank card number registered as a member,doudoune moncler, after which the players according to the rules of voluntary remittance by bank card,hogan, gift envelopes to the other two members on the line, in order to activate their membership ,karen millen, and the members to draw others to join the game once,abercrombie, then donated back to the players return envelopes.

reporters follow the three departments of law enforcement officers came to the Yuhua District

and then place tussle.

bkjpu0n6 Postι : 01/08/2013 03:15

,monclerSome villagers reported threats to levees ecological forest river sand mining
Xinyang News newspaper,hogan, This is a sand levees above repair them, if they do not let the illegal sand mining in the event of floods, this acts as a road transport tens of thousands of villagers levees will probably collapse. Yesterday, In Xinyang City? River District Tan Township still Kawamura, nearly 70-year-old Zhou Zhiguo standing on levees,doudoune moncler, his face solemn.
Sand people Yim told reporters: Zhu brothers in the local power in numbers,abercrombie et fitch, they make excuses for their own enrichment. My run down sand mining permit,moncler, they told me to ask for 120,000 yuan brothers poplar damages, I did not agree,hogan outlet, they began to forcibly stop me sand.
□ chief correspondent correspondent Li Xin Wen Ho is the right figure
Standing on the levees, the reporter saw a shovel sand being loaded into the cart. The middle of the river, a fine spread crooked river a few hundred meters. Levee along the front line, the reporter saw no sand dikes inside the place are lush poplar. The sand was taken place,hogan sparpe, a large area of ​​dead poplar.
Zhou and other villagers said: Renmou sand mining permits are trial mining,louboutin, sand range is only 200 meters. But he is now taken to the 600 meters, and how would not destroy the river levees and fertile land?
According to the villagers Zhu Zhongmin,moncler outlet, ZHU Zhong Bao reflect, since October 2010 since, in spite of the local villagers Renmou other villagers against the best in the South Bay Lake Temple farm Hanoi upstream sand,doudoune moncler, causing river water level dropped, a large area of ​​forest near death, flood levee safety is seriously threatened.
Right? River District Water Conservancy Bureau statement,hogan outlet, expressing anger villagers reported: We Renmou relatives, can not indulge him destroy embankments, harm farmland. Sand by wanton destruction of the ecological environment,abercrombie et fitch, endanger the river poplar,karen millen, should be compensated .
Last night,? River District Water Conservancy Bureau official told reporters: Renmou do with sand proof, sand proof is handled according to the procedure; favor of river sand mining dredging; ZHU Zhong Bao,moncler, who is and who Renmou sand grudges, only intentional blocking Yim sand. But the council office a comrade admit: the flood of dead trees,moncler, can not say nothing to do with the river sand mining.

and events through the trouble made progress

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